Update: 8/31/2017

The lower river improved overnight.  Looks like close to a foot of vis around 10:15 am.  I understand the Big Muddy is responsible for the color, a slide was suggested but it might just be from the heat, or both.  Looks like temps will be over 100F throughout the weekend and into next week so I wouldn’t expect the water to get much better.  Good time to take advantage of the cycle if you intend to fish.  The lower river should provide the best water early in the day and way upriver late in the day.  Was also informed the in-river work has remained on hold but will likely begin should natural turbidity remain high so next week is probable.  Here’s a pic taken about an hour ago.


Update: 8/30/17

The Lower river turned to mud at some point.  Took this pic at the usual spot around 10:30 this morning.  Don’t know if it’s from in river work, heat or rain.  Heard there was some rain here the night before last.  If rain happened on Mt. Adams that could have caused it.  I don’t think the heat was enough to cause it.  I don’t know what caused it.

Also understand the “in-river” work is not over so the schedule suggesting completion by the 25th is incorrect.  Now the completion date is scheduled to be Sept 5th.  For Labor Day weekend I’m told if natural water conditions are decent there will be NO in-river work over the weekend but if natural water conditions are bad they will be working.  That’s the most current info I have.  Here’s a pic of the water in the lower river this morning.


Update: 8/29/2017

Well past time for an update, sorry.  A few things are happening that might be useful to know about.  To my view the water took a bit of dive today, I think the “in-river” work was happening today though one could argue yesterday’s heat could be part or all of it.  I don’t know.  To my eye the water is browner this evening than I’ve seen recently.  According to my thermo we hit 100F yesterday and 97F today so glacial melt likely increased a bit.  Temps on Mt. Adams have been high too.  Here in the lower valley we’re expecting temps to drop into the 80’s the next couple days and correspondingly Mt Adams temps are predicted to be dropping some.  I’d guess we’ll see the best water Thurs. & Friday but that guess doesn’t include “in-river” work.  We are expecting to hit 100F again this weekend so the Labor Day celebration might provide water similar to today.  Here’s the pic taken around 4pm at the usual spot.water82917

Update: 8/23/2017

The Klickitat is still flowing about 300 cfs above the “91 years of record average” (1060 cfs vs. 760), that’s a good thing, most of the time!  Keeps water a little cooler because its flowing faster.  From another standpoint it might be worse.  If the “in-river” work is releasing notable amounts of fine sediment the river will keep it suspended longer so it’ll remain off color longer.  If the substrate is larger/heavier it will settle out quicker but not as quickly as it would if discharge were 760 instead of 1060.  High water this time of year is generally a very good thing but with the “in-river” work across from Stinson it might not be a good thing.  The specific location where the work is being done will determine how much turbidity will be added and how long it will remain suspended.  Some of the work might not be noticeable but some of it likely will.  Bonneville steelhead numbers have jumped recently so something positive is happening.   Fall chinook numbers are lower than usual but not nearly as low as steelhead numbers. Fishing is likely to get better but we’ll have to wait and see.  Took this pic at the town landing around 10:30 am.  I see more color than yesterday but not very much more, still very fishable.  My timing was wrong on this pic based on sun location and light levels but it’s all I have.water82317

Update: 8/21/2017 *Eclipse day*

The water is the best it’s been in several weeks.  Over 2′ of vis at the usual spot this morning, almost deep steelhead green.  Took a trip up to Stinson and didn’t see any sign of machinery working in the river or on the bank for that matter.  We were around 99% of totality for the solar eclipse this morning, pretty cool to watch.water82117Steelhead numbers over Bonneville took a huge jump over the weekend.  Hope it continues throughout autumn.

Update: 8/16/2017

Just rec’d notification the “in-river” excavation schedule has changed.  Here is the important section.

“As of today, we anticipate getting back in water Sunday morning, 8/20.  We were hoping to be in water by tomorrow, but have not yet received the modification to DNR’s Industrial Fire Precaution Level restrictions we were hoping for.  We are still aiming to complete in-water work by 8/25, but this is an ambitious end goal.  The completion date may move by a day or more, particularly if conditions do not allow day work.  Again, we will provide you with updates as we are able.”

Update: 8/15/2017

Today’s water is not yesterday’s water!  First real sign of steelhead green in quite a while.  It’s not deep steelhead green but it might be tomorrow.  Fishing pressure increased notably today.  The following pic was taken at the usual spot around 2:45 pm.water81517

Update: 8/14/2017

With the drop in temps I expected the river to be close to perfect today.  It isn’t close to perfect.  Highs the last two days have in the low 80’s and it hit 48F last night in my yard so I don’t think there was much melt on Adams last night.  Water should be better than it is but maybe it’ll be better tomorrow, I think it will be.

Rec’d an email yesterday stating the “in-river” work hasn’t been happening recently but will begin again on Thurs. 8/17.  The entire project is planned to END 8/25/17.  Fishing pressure remains low.  Bonneville numbers aren’t decent either.

Took the following pics at the normal spot but they aren’t very useful.  I’ll have to find another spot to take pics or do some rock editing in the river, it’s a very convenient spot.  First pic is the normal spot but the lighting angle is bad the pic is mostly useless.  Second pic was taken at the same spot but downstream a little where some structure was visible.  Close to a foot of vis I’d guess. Top the shallowest rocks is about 4 inches.water81417_awater81417_bTemp forecasts suggest we’ll see high’s in the 80’s for the next 10 days so “natural” river conditions should improve, with the in-river work I won’t guess.


Update: 8/11/17

Looks like the “in-river” work has commenced.   Down to about 8″ vis this morning in town.  The haul road removal work will be effecting the river for the next 10 days or so from what I can gather.  There might be a cycle as temps drop as predicted.  High’s in the 80’s predicted from 8/11 forward, today.  I’ll try to get a handle on the work schedule and how it effects the lower river.  No pics tonight , sorry.

Update: 8/8/17

We’re still cooking with heat.  Every day, except 1, since my last post has hit 100F or slightly over.  Odd thing is the river has stayed in decent shape, not good but decent, throughout all of it.  It’s a guess but I think there is more snow on Mt. Adams, covering the glaciers, than is apparent from a distance.  Snow doesn’t contain the fine glacial till that exists within the glacier.  I’m guessing the glaciers aren’t melting much because they’re covered with remaining snow.

Don’t think the “in-river” haul road removal work has begun.  I remember well what it looked like a couple years ago during the in-river work.  If they haven’t begun the work they likely will soon but I don’t know when.  I’ll watch the river and will probably be able to presume when it starts.

Bonneville passage remains horrible and may be getting worse.  Here’s a pic from the normal spot, over a foot of vis at 3pm today. water8817