Update: 11/10/2017

Had some rain here in the last couple days but the river remains in excellent shape.  I’ve been watching discharge and it doesn’t seem like the water will go off color, just my guess.  Freezing levels are low enough so most rain falling in higher elevations should be snow and melting snow in lower elevations tends to filter into the ground so, even though we are expecting more rain I’m guessing the river will remain in good shape.  No pics tonight, just an update of what I expect for the weekend.

Update: 11/1/2017

This post is a day off, I took the pics yesterday and went fishing yesterday.  I didn’t catch anything but think I felt a rock or two.  Planned to fish and post this evening but it’s too rainy so I bailed on the fishing.  Pics taken last evening 11/1, nice water!  Rivers’ in good shape and I did see 10 or 12 Coho slide by quite near me but I didn’t hook any.water11117_awater11117_bwater11117_c