Update: 8/22/14

Had some calls today wondering if we rec’d rain.  It didn’t rain down here in the lower river but I did see some dark clouds going by to west so have been watching a few indicators that might tell me if the rain could be an issue for tomorrow’s water.   It did rain in the very upper watershed but not enough to do color the water up (that’s my guess).  I recently heard Mt. Adams is/was covered in very dark clouds and that could be much worse.  There is no sign of an increase in discharge or turbidity but it could be coming later tonight.  If you’re thinking of fishing the Klicktitat tomorrow I’d recommend checking the PITT gage before committing. If it spikes up a couple hundred CFS chances are the river will go seriously off-color, if only a little spike (100 CFS or less) it shouldn’t effect it much.  Hope for the best.

The Klickitat is currently in “perfect” steelhead green shape!

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