Update: 8/28/14…some opinions included

Fished some nice water today.  The following pic shows the mid-day/early evening water, I could see the bottom in over knee deep depth.  The Klickitat has colored up a little but not enough to worry about.  If I were to guess I’d say something like 28″ vis…pic shows late mid-day water in the lower river.

Due to a number of things I’ve started to question my fishing…mostly because I haven’t landed a fish this year and most spey casting fly fisherman I know have done well.

So tonight I put an airflo intermediate 8/9 sink tip on a Nextcast 45 FF (looped by me for tips) and used a fly I tied on a Gamakatsu Octopus 3/0 barbless hook (#75313), orange butt, purple body and hackle and orange head.  A sparcely tied fly for sinkage and 12# P-line fluorocarbon tippet (about 11′ of straight tippet,  no taper).  I didn’t hook a fish but I did like the way it seemed to fish and turning it over was no issue.  The intermediate tip seemed to slow things down notably and the octo hook didn’t hook up on the bottom when it got too shallow.

Don’t bother reading the rest of this if you’re not interested in tradition. The rod I used came from the shop.  I’ve cast it a couple times before but today decided I’ll be keeping it, Hardy Marksman2 9126 S rod.  Hardy/Greys USA was sold to Pure fishing which is a huge fishing conglomerate and many things are changing.  The rod I mentioned above is about the best and lightest rod in it’s category I’ve ever fished, extremely good casting rod..  For those who care, I’m bummed about Hardy/Greys USA.  Greys offered extremely good products for the price and Hardy is Hardy!!! But Pure Fishing D/C’d Greys and DC’d the Marksman2 spey rods.  Huge mistake in my opinion.

Hardy/Greys had a chance in the US with their products but Pure Fishing seems to be trying to kill it.  Hardy is the foremost fly tackle maker of all time and their products are better than good…even today.  Hope a real flyfishing company eventually buys Hardy/Greys USA because their products are the best I’ve seen.


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