Update: 8/30/14

The day started out real nice here, overcast and calm.  Headed up to Leidl around 10am to do some shuttles and couldn’t see the mountain…lots of dark clouds had her covered..  I got a little worried and checked out some data and think the river will stay in shape.  I was worried about rain on the mountain or heavy rain in the upper watershed.  Don’t see any rise in the hydrograph so think the water will be really good tomorrow, maybe great!

We had a pressure change Friday and the fish were down but it got better today, lots of fish hooked.  Couple pro’s were here swinging last Thursday, Brazda and Burck and they did very well.  If the water stays in shape we should have a great fall.  Chinook are showing up and Bonneville passage suggests there may be something building, at least the forecasts say something is building.  Wild steelhead passage over Bonneville is looking positive also. Should be interesting searching for steelhead with chinook everywhere!

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