Update: 9/11/14

Don’t understand the drop in fall chinook passage over Bonneville, could it be the 67K days were peak passage days?  I was hoping for a 100K day…or two or three?  Looks like the numbers will be very good but not what was predicted, though it could still happen.

There are a lot of salmon in the lower river, bank anglers and boaters below the Pitt Bridge are finding the most fish.

Frequently mention fishing behind my home because it’s where I fish the most.  Seems I always have a plan to go elsewhere but it’s just too easy to fish the home water.  I bought my house because of the water behind it, caught my first Klicktitat steelhead there a few years before I was transferred here.  Used to hook a steelhead or two in the “home water” run each time I fished it.  Around 2006 or 7 we had big high water and the substrate changed significantly.  A lot of cobble came downstream and filled in the structure making it shallower and faster flowing.  Fishing went downhill for me.

Last evening I took the plastic wrap off the 9126 Hardy Marksman2 I stole from the shop and replaced the Nextcast WA45 line I had been using with a Delta 8/9 multi-tip with the heaviest tip installed.   Can’t say the Delta was better because it wasn’t but it did reduce my stripping a few pulls.  Hooked a good steelhead.  Strong wild hen took close to the far bank and gave me a serious mental boost.  Didn’t try for a pic because I had her in shallow water and she clearly wanted to leave.  Here’s a pic of tonight’s water.


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