Update: 9/14/14

Hearing mixed opinions concerning the fall chinook run up the Klick.  Some are saying there are a lot of fish but few seem to be catching them.  Most say they just aren’t biting!  I haven’t seen anything that suggests the run will be anywhere near last year’s.   They could be late but Bonny passage is petering out and so far we’re 105K below last year to date (9/13, fall chinook only).  On the positive side, most steelheaders are doing reasonably well.  The DART fish passage website is showing very strong returns of wild steelhead over Bonneville.

On another note: The Klicktitat Trader is loaded with Salmon/Steelhead appropriate spey and single hand fly rods, both Echo and Hardy/Greys.  I need to move a bunch of this stuff so will be putting a sale page together in the next week or so.  Hardy has produced, in the Marksman 2 series, some excellent spey rods.  Stop by the shop and you’ll learn why I say this.  We’ll be offering serious deals on spey and single hand rods, reels and full setups.  Talk to me about classic Hardy reels and you’ll likely end up with one.  Watch for a tab on top labeled “Spey & fly tackle SALE”.

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