Update: 9/17/14

Didn’t get a chance to get in the water until around 4pm.  It was overcast a good bit of the day, mostly when I was NOT in the water.  Fished until around 6:20pm and intended to go back out but dinner caught me and took the wind out of my sail.  I did notice a number of salmon (assumed salmon).  One I saw do a perfectly executed “steelhead roll” but it was definitely a salmon…got a good look at it.  Most of the other activity was surface disruptions, not flopping but what looked like large fish slurping bugs off the surface.  There was no hatch coming off so I assume they were salmon just moving around and sometimes nearing the surface.

We need some rain to get the salmon moving.  Looks like Bonneville passage is falling off notably so it looks like the run will be good but nothing like last year.

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