Update: 9/24/14

The website has been down for about 24 hours.  Struggled most of the day to figure out what was wrong and thanks to Evan Burck we got it up and running again.

Fished early afternoon behind the house, had about 1.5′ vis, the water was fishable but not good.  Rain on and off and some salmon moving. It was a pleasure to fish.  The evening water was a lot worse, 6″ vis at best, pics posted below.

The water is brown so I think it’s the result of a lot of rain in the upper watershed.  Mt. Adams is getting snow so this isn’t glacial till.  This push of water will likely make the salmon fishing better this weekend, nothing like a push of water to get salmon moving and increase aggression.  Flows jumped quickly to around 875 cfs, an increase of about 175cfs.  A lot less than the NOAA predictions but it could keep rising.  Weather forecast suggests the rain will slow or stop tomorrow and Friday through the weekend will provide clearing as the hydrograph falls.  Salmon fishing this weekend could be very good, steelhead will do what they do…steelhead are not predictable as far as I can tell.

Ugly pics of the evening water.

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