Update: 10/20/14

Water was fishable today and I heard of a number of fish hooked, most not landed.  Reports of fall chinook, coho and steelhead.  An old fly fishing friend floated today with a buddy and they did really well, so well they didn’t complete the float.  He also told me about a steelhead that was larger than a 20# fish he landed in a different river a few years back, he didn’t land this one though.  I love hearing about pig steelhead, knowing they’re out there adds to my motivation.

NOAA’s forecast suggests pretty flat line flows until Thursday when she’ll start rising, likely will be brown by early afternoon Thursday.  The flat line flows could mean clearing for the next couple days so I’m planning to give it a good shot.

Will try to update daily to keep the info fresh and useful.  Lot’s of rain in the coming week.  Things could be setting up for some very good fall fishing when the river is in shape.  Expecting a good late season swinging flies for steelhead.

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