Update: 10/22/14

Pretty nice day on the water.  I went down around 11am and it wasn’t raining.  Fished for about 3 hours.  Saw a lot of salmon, hens excavating depressions for their eggs, might have even seen a small school of coho heading upstream, they looked in perfect shape, quite different from the chinook, no fungus and very bright.  They could have been chinook but I’m guessing they were coho.

Went back down this evening around 4:30pm and had a lot of action on the water, lots of trout grabbing my fly and even a small hatchery steelhead right around dark.  Flows are starting to climb so I suspect it’ll go brown tomorrow as per NOAA’s forecast.  I might get a shot in the morning if I get out there and if it remains fishable.  Here’s a pic of the water as I walked out around 2pm.  Vis was 3′ or very close.


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