Update: 10/30/14

Website was down most of the day yesterday, server problems I was told.  Got a pic of the town boat landing around 11 am yesterday and it had not improved.  It didn’t rain much yesterday in the valley so I figured I’d fish late afternoon.  Hydrograph has held steady-ish between 1150 and 1200cfs. for the last 24 hours.water102914 I went down around 4pm to fish the home water and this is what I saw.  I didn’t fish, vis was less than 6 inches.waterhome102914 NOAA’s forecast suggest a big spike beginning late today and if it happens the water will almost certainly go brown again.  Forecast suggest flows reaching 1800 cfs by Friday evening.  Weekend water is very questionable, I don’t expect it to be fishable.    

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