Evening Update: 10/30/14

Got a chance to fish the evening home water.  No rain but the water was more brown than I expected.  Close to a foot vis and there were fish around. Chinook spawning and a number of other interesting surface disruptions.   I did have a number of “somethings” happen toward the fly end of my line but nothing hooked.   The water and scenery when I stepped out in the following pic.  The tailout has held fish for me in the past and the slot of the far side…Homewater103014If you would like to fish the Klickitat this weekend I’d suggest visiting NOAA’s river forecast, you’ll find a link on the “useful links” tab on top.  NOAA suggests the river will be rising all day tomorrow and by no small amount.  An increase of 700 cfs or more won’t make fishing conditions better..  If this happens then the river will go brown some time tomorrow and likely won’t come back into shape until early or mid next week.  The Klickitat will likely be unfishable for fly fisherman this weekend.  If you use bait or shiny spoons/spinners you might get a shot at some fish though the water will be ugly.

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