Update: 11/12/14…cold

The river remains in perfect shape, dropping and as clear as it gets.  Yesterday was notably warmer, still cold but nothing like today.  I got out and fished one run only, my Simms bootfoots are leaking so bad at this point I can’t deal with them for more than about 40 minutes at a time.  Guess I’ll go back my old Dan Bailey’s stocking foots for the rest of the season.  Bummer, I really like the quick & easy on and off bootfoots provide.

The water I fished yesterday around noon was 41.5 F, much colder than I thought it would be and today it’s probably under 40 F.  It’s 11 am and I just checked the temp on my deck overlooking the river, 26 F.  I hope to fish this afternoon but if the temps don’t hit 32 F I may not.   I will update again if I do fish.

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