Update: 11/19/14

It warmed a little today, very little, just enough so my guides didn’t ice up midday.  Water was a bit warmer than I anticipated.  My thermo said just under 38F.  It was 36F a week ago and I expected it to be around 34F today, glad to be wrong.  Fished the home water run and a boat came by as I was wading in.  The guys in the boat were fishing for coho with spinners and they’d done very well.  If I recall they had landed 11 coho and had 5 in their cooler, they released the darker fish.  I got a look in their cooler and the coho they’d kept looked quite good, much brighter than I expected.

I had more action than I expected, plenty of taps from small fish and one that I figured could be a steelhead.  After that happened I stepped back upstream about 8 steps and went through again.  Shortly thereafter I hooked a fish,  rainbow about 13 or 14 inches long.  Pretty tough and active fish for the water temps.  Gorgeous wild trout…think it was a pre-smolt steelhead.  Hope I meet it when it returns as an adult.

NOAA’s forcast suggest discharge will double on the 22nd (late Friday and Saturday).  Weather forecast suggests 100% chance of rain on Friday.  If that happens and the freezing level rises we might see ugly water again…but then again if things remain frozen in the upper watershed it might not get ugly.  Water temps should come up a bit and if the upper watershed remains frozen the water might stay in reasonable shape.  Lot’s of guesses here.

Took a couple pics today.  Lots of ice along the bank and the water was as clear as it gets.  First pic shows the bank ice, second pic shows water clarity at knee deep depth.



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