Update: 3/15/15

Usually don’t have much to say during the winter around here because the fishing season’s closed.  We had a delightfully warm winter here.  Practically no snow and much more sun than usual.

Since I’m curious about Klickitat steelhead I always watch Bonneville passage numbers and PIT tag data.  At this ultra early projection point I’m going out on a limb and will say I’m extremely optimistic about our wild steelhead run for 2015.  Most of the fish passing Bonneville currently are wild winter steelhead that will spawn and leave before the June 1 opener but I like to see strong numbers and that’s what I’m seeing, almost 3 times the 10 year average as of 3/11/15.  It’s early and I’ll keep watching but every thing looks excellent at this point.

Summer fish should start showing up in April and if conditions were good in the Pacific Ocean (it seems they have been) we should be getting good numbers of wild and hatchery steelhead this summer.  I’m ready!

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