Update: 7/12/15 late evening

No pics this time, been thinking about what’s happening and hearing the fishing has not been great, though there has been very little pressure over the last couple high temp weeks.  The Columbia is well over 70F and Bonneville passage seems to have either stalled due to water temps or we aren’t getting many steelhead returning this year.  I’m hoping it’s the water temps.

Anadromous salmonids always look for cool water when the water is warm.  I think the Klickitat is well below 70 at this time but it has been real close if not over 70F recently.  Steelhead passage via the Lyle falls ladder has increased recently but the fishing has not been good for the bait and heavy gear guys, fly guys have stayed home.. I’m guessing alot of the steelhead have moved “WAY” upriver to find cooler water.  Either that or they’re finding groundwater inputs in areas we’re not used to finding them.  Just personal thoughts due to the conditions and what I’m hearing.  The cooler temps could/should/hope they will, change the current paradigm a bit. The Klickitat is usually quite a bit cooler than the Columbia this time of year and it looks like it will remain so.

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