Update: 7/29/15, includes rule change effective 7/1/15

Water remains a perfect steelhead green.  The forecast suggests it’ll hold through tomorrow and maybe part of Friday.  Then I’m guessing it’ll begin coloring up as the forecasted heat takes it’s toll.

From what I hear the fishing has improved notably over the past 5 or so days.  Most fisherman are finding steelhead, even those throwing flies. Water temps in the lower river last evening and this morning, in moving water, were 64F and 56F respectively. Temps will be increasing tomorrow and over the weekend when air temps should exceed 100F.  It’s a good idea to stop fishing if the water exceeds about 68F.

There was a rule change effective July 1, 2015 that requires harvest of hatchery steelhead.  This means if you catch a hatchery steelhead you are required to kill and keep it and mark your catch record card.  The rule change also increased the hatchery steelhead limit from 2 to 3 fish per day.

Couple pics, first is steelhead green water and second is the hatch hen I plucked out with my wand.


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