Update: 8/18/15

The water has improved a little from the last post, emphasis on “little”.  Went down to the water around 6:40pm and it didn’t look great, maybe 18″ vis.  Water temp was 63F so the warming is slowing down during the day, mid 90’s air temp today.  Guess the sun is lower in the sky and sun-on-water hours are diminishing as we approach Autumn.

81815waterChecked discharge a moment ago and came to realize the Klickitat discharge is not suffering like so many other PNW rivers.  She’s hanging within 100 cfs of her mean discharge in her 89 years of record.  Who’d a thunk it?  Most PNW rivers are in much worse shape this year but the Klickitat is hanging tough and  providing water for her fish, sure seems good to me!

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