Update: 8/29/15

It’s been a weird water year, not good and not terribly bad…just weird. With the drought and heat I worried we’d see 400cfs, maybe even less. Looks like the glaciers on Mt. Adams have done a great job keeping the Klickitat watered up.  Current discharge is very close to the 89 year average for this time of year.

With an expectation of low water I assumed we’d see clearer or less turbid water.  Of course the opposite has happened.  We have had lower than usual water but it hasn’t been clearer than usual water.  Recently air temps have been cooler but night time temps have been warmer.  Warmer nights push the daily cycle up and help keep the particles flowing.

We had some rain in town this morning and I couldn’t see Mt. Adams on a trip up to Leidl.  Heavy looking rain clouds blocked the mountain but it didn’t look like those clouds were dropping water.   Just checked some gages and see some rain did occur in the upper watershed.  Purely a guess, ugly water in the lower river tomorrow AM and, if it isn’t still raining, better water higher in the watershed.  Pic of this afternoon’s water at the town landing, plenty of wind hurling today but the leaves aren’t quite ready to mess fishing up.



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