Update: 9/2/15

Have you checked the “useful links” tab lately, specifically the Klickitat discharge USGS link?  If you’ve seen it within the last 24 hours you’d see the Klickitat is not cycling as usual,  It’s autumn now, the sun is lower in the sky and the days are getting shorter and the water is getting better.

The Klickitat is steelhead green and I’d guess it’ll stay that way until we get more rain, daily temps are about done melting the glaciers which are completely covered with a fresh blanket of snow.

Took 3 pics I’m gonna upload tonight.  First is the water I fished, second shows some vis depth near where I walked in and the 3rd is the Mangy Moose I fished this evening.  Love that fly.

9215water_1Turbidity example:

9215water_2Mangy Moose tied by “Owl Creek Flies” http://www.owlcreekflies.com/customflies.html.  Call it an October caddis with a big and uneven head, makes for more water disturbance..

9215MangyMooseI loop the Mangy Moose because I want it to move as much as possible in fast water, not just sit on the surface.  Had a good bunch of action on the Mangy Moose but didn’t hook anything.  One serious bump could have been a steelhead but most were small fish. This morning I was using a Green Butt Sub, spey type fly, also from Owl Creek Flies. Alyssa and Neil tie quality flies.  Hooked a steelhead on it but it threw the fly within the first 15 seconds, LDR’s happen.  Gonna fish the AM tomorrow with the Mangy Moose above, water doesn’t get any better and the Moose should do me good in water under 3′ deep.

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