Update: 9/20/15

Haven’t had much to say because the water has remained perfect, maybe too clear for salmon anglers but for fly fishermen it’s been perfect.  Very busy weekend and lots of fish hooked.

The fall chinook numbers over Bonneville are fantastic, almost 20K yesterday so they’re still coming strong.  Bonneville coho numbers look terrible, already declining and way below the 10 yr avg.  The coho returns are commonly bimodal though, so we might see another bump in passage.  Steelhead numbers are lagging way below the 10yr averages, both wild and hatchery numbers.  The Klickitat doesn’t seem to be suffering from a lack of steelhead though, looks like she remains attractive to steelhead that pass Bonneville.

We had warmer weather the last couple days but the little blips in discharge likely won’t increase turbidity noticeably.  Temps are predicted to be quite comfortable the next 10 days or so with a chance for rain near the end of this week.

The river will be busy for the next couple weeks, weekends will likely be extremely busy.  I’d suggest a mid-week visit if you have the option.

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