Update: 9/30/15

Water clarity remains excellent.  I snuck down to the river around 6:30 last evening for a little fishing, casting practice in this instance.  The water was perfect and I did have some action, even hooked what I assume was a juvenile rainbow or pre-smolt steelhead, long distance release.  I was surprised to NOT see any sign of salmon while I was there, no low-light flopping as I expected…and hoped for.  It was a gorgeous evening, no wind and perfect fall conditions.  Took the following pic wading about knee deep and looking toward deeper water.

water92915Shortly after noon today I took out the 10′ spliced greenheart rod I’d been messing with.  Installed too little backing and an old (but new) SA Aircell DT7F fly line on one of my favorite old reels.  I figured the 7 would be about close, now I think I was wrong on that and likely some other things.  The rod was a bit softer than I anticipated and the line may have been on the heavy side.  Fished for about 20 minutes and worked out about 50′ of line when the rod let me know I’d made a mistake.  The mid section (of 3 sections) snapped just below its upper splice.  Seems to me if rods break under normal casting conditions the break will always occur near the junction of stiffening agents like ferrules or thread wraps, even if it’s spliced!

After some reconsideration I don’t think my “care & feeding” of the long dead greenheart was sufficient and am certain the DT7 was too much…or maybe I wanted too much from it?  I’ll try to repair the break, it is very horizontal (splice like) so I’ll glue it up again and wrap the span with some invisible rod wrapping thread.  Also think I need to somehow feed more moisture into the wood.  I soaked the sections in teak oil but didn’t factor “thickness” into the soak time so will the next time. Some pics…Greenheart break_1Greenheart break_2I’ll be re-soaking the two lower sections and wrapping the guides back on the 12 footer in the near future so will likely try that one next.  Hoping for better luck.


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