10/30/15: Update

It’s been raining lightly in the valley since dark.  I just had a look at the radar weather map, looks like more rain to come.  NOAA’s river forecast has the river going up to over 1000cfs (over 1200cfs actually).  The PITT gage is shooting up and the one above Leidl is shooting up too…but the gage above the Big Muddy confuence has doubled in the last few hours.  I’d guess we’ll have brown water at some point tomorrow.  Best chance for fishable water in the early AM will be the lower river but it might not last long or exist at all.  NOAA’s forecast suggests discharge will peak midday Sunday, then fall hard.  Water might not come back into shape until Wednesday.and more rain will extend it.  Steelheading should be good once this water passes, November can be excellent.

We need this rain and I hope it soaks in good.  Aquifers are likely getting real low and a good consistant and softish rain will help with the re-charge.

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