Update: 11/25/15, Happy Thanksgiving!

A beautiful but cold day, and windy from time to time.  The river remains in excellent shape and the leaf hatch is pretty much over.  Only a few days remaining of the steelhead season.  Steelhead and salmon fishing closes 11/30/15 pm and the whitefish season opens 12/1/15, size 14 hooks or smaller required.

Slipped down to the water around 3pm and did some casting, there are fish around, even saw a few salmon, likely coho.  Water temp is right at 40F, my thermo couldn’t settle between 40.1 and 39.9F.  Pretty cold but I’ve done very well in water like this, it’s always worth a try.

Mount Adams is fully covered with the white stuff, gorgeous…looks like the glaciers might get a chance to “grow” this winter, yeah, I know the predictions say otherwise, a good start can’t hurt.Adams112515While walking back home I found this along the trail.  Sure hope these guys don’t have plans for this piece of water.beavertrouble112515I’ve seen plenty of Klickitat beavers over the years but not in this area.  Doubt they’ll be successful here. This run is too wide and too fast, maybe…I think?

Thanks to those who have taken advantage of our spey sale, etc.  Our inventory is ” wide” but not deep.  Lots of products but not many of any.  See something you could use?  The early bird gets the worm.  Thanks for your support and Happy Thanksgiving.

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