5/1/16 Update: A month till the season opens, I’m ready!

It’s been an interesting Spring.  We’ve had plenty of rain and the Klickitat discharge has been well over it’s average.  I’ve sort of worried we might be losing our snowpack too early so I took a drive today to get a look at Mt. Adams and few other things.  Came home pretty confident we’ll have plenty of water in the Klickitat during the fishing season.  Here’s a pic of Mt. Adams this afternoon, nice blanket of white stuff.

5_1_AdamsAs noted in a previous post, the Stinson boat landing is gone, the river took it.  Here’s a pic of where it was and a pic of where it is now.5_1_Stinson boat landing5_1_Stinson boat landing concreteBeen watching Bonneville passage counts for a while now and became a bit disappointed but it might be turning around.  The spring chinook numbers had been lagging but seem to be picking up and the steelhead numbers are hanging tough though remain below the 10 year average.  The wild steelhead, however, are exceeding the 10 year average so I’m happy with that.  Hoping for a good steelhead/salmon season.  The river opens June 1 for steelhead and I’ll be swinging a fly when June comes around.

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