6/20/16 Update: perfect water…

This June has been better than most.  Cool weather has given us extremely good conditions for this time of year.  Discharge has been lower than usual due to the cool temps and the water is as good as it gets.  Talked to a few fly fishermen the last couple days and two of them actually stated they’d like to see more turbidity…never looked at it that way personally but I do understand the thought.

Snuck down to the water for about an hour this evening but ran into a juvenile black and white critter on the trail down.  Should’a taken a pic but wanted to get past it so I could fish, then ran into it again on the way back home, hope it was the same one because I’m not accustomed to dealing with skunks when I go fishing.  Maybe I should have just taken the first encounter as a sign?

Here’s a pic of the water while I was wading thigh deep.

water62016We’re expecting somewhat warmer weather for the next couple weeks but I don’t think the water will change much as the forecast suggests highs in the mid 80’s and some days high 60’s so water conditions should continue to be good for fishing through next weekend.

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