6/28/16 update: Water?

The last 3 days, including today were warm, hot if you were in the sun.  The weather forecast suggests we’ll see high’s in the high 80’s tomorrow and then high’s in the mid to lower 80’s for the following few days.  Better than low 90’s I’d guess.  I’m thinking the river, as of today, started it’s normal summer cycling routine.  Trouble is the freezing elevation on Adams is way high.  If we are lucky the river will stay in decent shape but I’m not as confident as I’d like to be based on those Adams freezing elevations.

This evening’s water was pretty decent though the glacial melt influence was obvious.  Here’s a pic of the evening water around mile 7, looked to me like well over 2′ vis, close to 30 inches.water62816mile7

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