7/17/16 Update: Edited

Rain clouds came by this evening and from what I hear some heavy rain occured within the county.  Late this afternoon Mt. Adams was covered with potential rain clouds, freezing levels hanging around 10K feet so plenty of snow and ice could melt.  Looks like discharge might be heading up at the gage above the West Fork.   That doesn’t tell us anything about the Big Muddy though.  Depending on where the “heavy rains” fell we could see ugly water tomorrow.

Wasn’t aware the NOAA predictions would remain live when I copied and paste them.  Some things are lost in that fact and others are gained.  Watch that chart, if the Klick begins to follow the prediction it’ll get ugly.

Edit:  above the Westfork discharge is screaming up.  Nothing indicating the Big Muddy is doing anything yet.

Graph of  Discharge, cubic feet per second

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