7/25/16 Update: Edited, new info on blockage

Took a drive up to Leidl for some shuttles late this morning.  Since I was already up there I  decided to check on the tree blockage above Leidl.

Edited: 8:15 pm From what I could see the tree remains but I received a call this afternoon to inform that the tree has been cut on the near shore and there is room for a hard-boat to get through so this is no longer an issue.  It may become a problem in the future as discharge drops but currently it is passable.

The water up there is turning brown.  Looks like vis is definitely beginning to deteriorate.   I expect the river to begin the normal daily cycling we’ve seen over many years but this time I’m not sure we’ll see much better water low in the drainage during the morning.  I’m guessing this based on the freezing levels on Mt. Adams.  Looks like there won’t be any freezing up there so the glacial till will continue to flow into the Klickitat 24 hours a day, though it should decrease at night.

Here’s a pic of the tree, poor pic as I didn’t have much time so took the pic from the first spot I stopped, it is what it is but the tree clearly remains.

Leidl blockage remains72516

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