8/16/16 Update:

We’ve had warm weather recently and the forecast suggests we’ll have warm weather for the next couple weeks, 90’s mostly.

I assumed the river would be brown by now but it isn’t.  Guessing a strong foot or better of vis.  Temps are predicted to hang in the 90’s for the next two weeks and freezing levels on Adams are not freezing.  Took a few pics today, first is at Stinson around 3pm.  Others at the town landing.  The Klickitat seems to be offering fishable water regardless of what we expect.  First pic is at the used to be Stinson boat landing around 2 pm.  Better than a foot, better than a foot and a half.

stinsonwater81616Water at the town boat landing around 3pm.  The lighting has way more impact on what we see than reality.  Sun off and sun on in this pic.

2tonetownlanding81616It’s fishable, even with a fly and I don’t think it’ll get much worse in the next week or so.

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