8/24/16 Update:

The Klickitat is back into excellent shape.  Actually it came back yesterday but I didn’t get a chance to update.

We’re expecting high temps into the low 90’s for the next couple days and then dropping into the 80’s for the weekend and beyond.  My guess is the river will hold up through the weekend as days are getting shorter and nights have been reasonably cool.  The longer weather forecast suggests we’re heading into fall with high’s in the 70’s.  There should be some fall chinook in the river now and the numbers over Bonneville look good.  Took the following pic at the town landing around 11am this morning, water looks good.


Steelhead numbers have dropped well below half of the 10 year average, that’s tough to see and I have no idea why though I do understand some of the Snake river tribs have reduced hatchery plants over the last few years.  That’s a potential solution but I doubt that reduction could fully explain a drop-off this large.  As of 8/23/16 total steelhead passage over Bonneville has been 103,156 while the 10 year average is 227,608 (45%). The wild steelhead numbers are even worse, 34,774 while the 10 year average is 84,680 (41%).

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