10/26/16 Update:

We had rain most of the night and until noon or so in the lower valley.  Some periods of light rain and some periods of heavier rain.  The lower river (Stinson and down) remains in good shape but it won’t hold up for long.  Discharge is already up 300 cfs at the gage upstream of Leidl so it looks like we’re going to see mud again.  Conditions will likely deteriorate this evening in the lower river and remain ugly for the next 10 plus days based on the weather forecast.

NOAA’s forecast doesn’t agree with what I wrote above.  NOAA predicts a sharp rise in discharge followed by a sharp drop.  The weather forecast doesn’t suggest a sharp drop to me, more like a hold or increase in discharge.  We’ll have to wait and see but it doesn’t look good for the weekend or next week.

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