11/16/16 update:

I expected to the river to be mud today but it certainly is not.  We have a good 1.5′ vis in the lower river this morning.  Discharge increased over 600 cfs in the last 36  hours and I’ve never seen this happen without a complete blow-out.  The following pic was taken around 11 am at the town boat landing, there is some wind rippling the surface water so it might be difficult to get a good idea of conditions from the pic.

water111616There have been many questions about the fishing and I really don’t have much info since I  haven’t fished much and there hasn’t been much pressure at all.  What I can say is there are coho and steelhead in the river and if you have the time and desire to fish you certainly have a decent chance to hook into a fish or two.  The numbers of fish are way down this year so I wouldn’t expect great fishing but if you’re at the right spot at the right time you might do quite well.

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