Update: 6/14/17 UPDATED, 6/20/17!

I’ve been informed that SDS does NOT own the gated land and therefore they likely did not install the gates.  I’ve also been informed there is a reasonably easy put in near Wonder Falls, a mile or two upstream. 6/20/2017.

The Klickitat remains in perfect shape.  Water clarity is as good as it gets though discharge remains slightly higher than normal for this time of year.

Heard the boat put-ins around Summit Creek had been gated and locked.  It’s true, both put-ins have been gated and “No Trespassing” signs have been posted.  According to my info the property is owned by SDS Lumber Company based in Bingen, WA.  I’ve no idea why they closed river access but they indeed have.  Here are pics of the 3 access points that used to exist.  First is the put-in just below the steel bridge.SummitCrclosure_aThe next two show access blockages immediately downstream, the spot people used to camp that included another boat put-in.  SummitCrclosure_bSummitCrclosure_cFishermen can still put in at the Hatchery and float through but it’s clear SDS Lumber doesn’t want us to access the river from their property.  Here’s a link to SDS lumber.  You might consider contacting them should you be disappointed about this closure.  https://sdslumber.com/

Slipped down to the river mid-day today and found the water in perfect shape, nothing but smolts for me but the conditions are excellent.  water61417



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