Update 6/16/17

While preparing to spend a little time fishing yesterday (Thurs.) afternoon it began raining lightly.  It kept raining lightly the rest of the day so I didn’t end up going fishing.  Flows this morning have risen back up to 2500 CFS, an increase of about 300 CFS.  The river remains fishable though the clarity has been reduced to a little over a foot (my guess).  Here’s a pic of the water at the town boat landing, sorry it’s not a better pic. water61617_a

Conditions should be decent for the weekend, even for fly fishermen.  We’re not getting rain in the lower valley now but the forecast suggests we might, 50% chance.  So, no more rain and we should see the water dropping and improving over the weekend.  More rain, if substantial, the river will rise some more and conditions will deteriorate.

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