Update: 6/22/2017

The lower river is in excellent shape this morning but it looks like it won’t last more than a few hours more.  I don’t know what has happened but the water at Liedl/Stinson has colored up dramatically.  Visibility has gone from close to 3′ in the lower river to less than a foot at Liedl/Stinson.  Could have been rain last night in the upper watershed, upper meaning above the Big Muddy or above Mt. Adams.  Flows have blipped up but not by much so it surprises me to see difference in clarity.  First pic was taken at the town boat landing early afternoon today.water62217_town_bSecond pic taken at Stinson Flat around 1pm.water62217stinsonThird pic was taken from the Stinson grade and gives an overview of the color.water62217wideviewIf this color did come from rain in the upper watershed it should settle out or be moved downriver pretty quickly and conditions should be better tomorrow.  We’ll have to wait and see.

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