Update: 6/26/2017

The river colored up a bit today.  It remained fishable but limited visibility.  I’d guess slightly over a foot.  We had a high of about 90F today and I think we might start seeing the usual summer cycle begin.  I’m basing this on the weather forecast for the next week.  There could be an issue related to more work with respect to the old haul road removal.  I’m told the work will or has already begun and if they get heavy machinery into the river we’ll see poor conditions from Leidl down.  I’m hearing the work will done at night so the ugly water will be hitting the lower river during the morning.  Too bad because that will really mess with the fishing in the lower river.  Hopefully they won’t be doing any “in-river” work.  The following pic came from the town boat landing around 3pm today, vis dropped off quite a bit but I’d have fished it if I’d had the time.  water62617Bonneville passage remain very poor for steelhead though salmon numbers are not nearly as bad as steelhead.

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