Update: 6/27/17

Well, I predicted the water would be getting better but it hasn’t, it’s become worse.  The gages are demonstrating something I don’t know how to interpret. Supposedly the in-river work won’t begin until July 5th and will end on July 8th, see here: https://www.columbialandtrust.org/project-update-haul-road-closure/

Maybe the wind?  Truth is I don’t know.  The water is not brown, it’s light green.  Brown is what I expect from heavy rain or in-river heavy equipment, grey comes from glacial melt.  Green like this comes from somewhere I’m not aware of.  The gages rose notably today but it I don’t know why, expected a sort or usual cycle because yesterday’s high was only 90F.  The result of the heat on Sunday should have passed yesterday, and it’s the wrong color, yesterday included.  Took this pic at the town boat landing around 8pm this evening.  You might see rocks in the pic but I didn’t see them when I took the pic.  I still expect the water to be improving over night and expect good water in the lower river tomorrow AM cause I’m planning to fish.water62717b

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