Update: 7/5/17

Looks like the conditions are improving somewhat.  Took a good look at the water in town around 1pm today and I’d guess it’s close to 2 feet of vis.  A local angler was fishing the run and he mentioned hooking a few fish in the last week.  He was swinging a dark fly off a light sink tip.

The weather forecast for the next couple weeks suggests high daily temps staying in the upper 80’s to mid 90’s so we’ll continue to see some glacial influence.  The normal day/night cycling hasn’t shown up yet.  Remember, there will be more work removing more of the old haul road between Leidl and Stinson.  There will be some “in-river” work that will mess the water up but I don’t know when that will occur.  I hope to get out this evening or tomorrow but it’s too hot for me mid-day.  Here’s a pic of the water at the town boat landing.  It might look like a dramatic improvement but flows have also dropped since I last posted so the rocks become clearer but the water, not so much.water7517Same water yesterday (7/4/17), a little later in the day.water7417

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