Update: 7/12/17

Conditions are improving.  I rec’d an email a couple days ago indicating the haul road removal work is underway and they do intend to begin “in-river” work this week.  If natural water conditions are decent they’ll be doing the in-river work at night.  If natural water conditions are poor they may continue to work throughout the day which will help get the work done quicker, makes sense to me. The forecast suggests high’s around 86F today and Thurs. Freezing levels on Mt. Adams will be over 12,000 ft. for the next week to ten days so that won’t help much. Steelhead passage over Bonneville was 309 yesterday but annual total is 7,220 while the 10 yr avg. to date is 30,566, under 25% of the 10 year average.  Chinook numbers are not lagging nearly as badly.  My prediction would suggest river conditions won’t be getting great for some time to come.  The river is fishable today, even fly fishable but not as good I’d like.  Fishing pressure is way down so if you hope to visit you won’t see many other anglers on the water.

Took the following pic this morning around 9:30 AM.  Looks like over a foot of vis but the color remains light brown/grayish. water71217b

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