Update: 7/23/17

Yesterday the water was about perfect but today we have a little added color.  Likely due to the heat yesterday, we hit 99F here in the town of Klickitat.  Looks like daily high temps will remain in the 90’s for the next week to 10 days.  This should bring back the usual daily cycling where we see the best water in the lower river early in the day and upriver late in the day.  The haul road work was supposed to begin last week but I don’t think any in-river work occurred because the water stayed in decent fishable shape.  We expect the in-river work to begin soon and I’ll update once that happens, more info here https://www.columbialandtrust.org/haulroadupdate2017/.

The Following pic was taken around 11:30 am today, looks like at least 1.5′ vis, very fishable.water72317

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