Update: 7/25/17

Here in Klickitat my thermometer tells me we hit 100F again today, third time this month reaching 100F.  The string of high’s in the 90’s is effecting the river.  Looks like less than a foot of vis around 3pm at the town landing today.  Weather forecast suggests daily highs mostly in the 90’s for the next week.  I think the normal daily cycling has begun and will be potentially useful through the weekend.  If Mt. Adams cools sufficiently at night we’ll have a window of better water daily.  The freezing level on Adams is high, around 14,000′ which is higher than the mountain so there won’t be much freezing but night time temps will drop into the 30’s & low 40’s so melt will diminish at night.  Don’t mean to suggest there will be good water, just hoping there will be.  Might get a chance to fish so I’ll be optimistic.

Pic taken around 3pm at the town boat landing.water72517

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