Update: 7/27/17

Still don’t like the water a bunch but it’s fishable, even fly fishable.  This weekend is “Canyon Days” in Klickitat, our annual summer festival.  There will likely be too many people around who’ve had too much to drink or whatever.  Keep alert when driving and please visit Klickitat if you like being festive.

Took the following pic around noon today at the usual spot.  Today’s pic look quite a bit better than the last pic I posted, could be because I took it 3 hours earlier in the day, normal cycle?water72717 I picked up an old but “new to me” rod a few weeks ago and plan to try fishing it this evening.  It’s a Sage model GFL 6113 RPL 2pc rod.  Never heard of it?  Neither had I.  Lined it with a cheap Airflo Velocity 7wt. single-hand line with a 38′ belly. It’s not a two-hander but does have a short extended butt.  Gonna try to do some single hand spey casting which will be new to me though I’m very familiar with roll casting so I should be able to figure this out quickly.  Hope the line is a decent choice.

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