Update: 8/3/17

We’ve been having some warm weather.  Highs for the last four days have been above 100F.  Mon – Thurs = 101,105, 103, 105.   The water looks much better than I expected.  It’s still fly fishable, over a foot vis.  Looking at discharge I could wonder if the snowpack on Adams might be deeper than it looks from a distance.  Discharge is hardly dropping while the normal daily cycle is apparent.  Pic taken around 11am.  It’s the same spot but somebody must have moved some rocks around, looks like working on a little Dam but didn’t finish it.water8317I rec’d an email from Columbia Land Trust with some info that could be very useful beginning tomorrow, Friday.  Looks like we have to expect water conditions will get worse for the weekend and potentially well into next week.  The “in-river” work is about to begin or did today.

  • 8/3/17 we will dig a test plume to test transit times downstream.  We will use this information to notify you of our proposed work hours and the impacts you can expect at Stinson Flat, the slide, Klickitat, Pitt, and Turkey Hole at what times.  This information will be posted on our website.

  • 8/4/17 – 8/11/17:  We will  be working long days through the weekend and early next week to take advantage of what we expect to be very high background turbidity due to the extreme warm weather.  Because we can be more efficient during daylight hours, we won’t switch to night hours until background turbidity begins to fall again.  We’ll notify you if we intend to switch.


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