Update: 8/8/17

We’re still cooking with heat.  Every day, except 1, since my last post has hit 100F or slightly over.  Odd thing is the river has stayed in decent shape, not good but decent, throughout all of it.  It’s a guess but I think there is more snow on Mt. Adams, covering the glaciers, than is apparent from a distance.  Snow doesn’t contain the fine glacial till that exists within the glacier.  I’m guessing the glaciers aren’t melting much because they’re covered with remaining snow.

Don’t think the “in-river” haul road removal work has begun.  I remember well what it looked like a couple years ago during the in-river work.  If they haven’t begun the work they likely will soon but I don’t know when.  I’ll watch the river and will probably be able to presume when it starts.

Bonneville passage remains horrible and may be getting worse.  Here’s a pic from the normal spot, over a foot of vis at 3pm today. water8817

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