Update: 8/14/2017

With the drop in temps I expected the river to be close to perfect today.  It isn’t close to perfect.  Highs the last two days have in the low 80’s and it hit 48F last night in my yard so I don’t think there was much melt on Adams last night.  Water should be better than it is but maybe it’ll be better tomorrow, I think it will be.

Rec’d an email yesterday stating the “in-river” work hasn’t been happening recently but will begin again on Thurs. 8/17.  The entire project is planned to END 8/25/17.  Fishing pressure remains low.  Bonneville numbers aren’t decent either.

Took the following pics at the normal spot but they aren’t very useful.  I’ll have to find another spot to take pics or do some rock editing in the river, it’s a very convenient spot.  First pic is the normal spot but the lighting angle is bad the pic is mostly useless.  Second pic was taken at the same spot but downstream a little where some structure was visible.  Close to a foot of vis I’d guess. Top the shallowest rocks is about 4 inches.water81417_awater81417_bTemp forecasts suggest we’ll see high’s in the 80’s for the next 10 days so “natural” river conditions should improve, with the in-river work I won’t guess.


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