Update: 8/23/2017

The Klickitat is still flowing about 300 cfs above the “91 years of record average” (1060 cfs vs. 760), that’s a good thing, most of the time!  Keeps water a little cooler because its flowing faster.  From another standpoint it might be worse.  If the “in-river” work is releasing notable amounts of fine sediment the river will keep it suspended longer so it’ll remain off color longer.  If the substrate is larger/heavier it will settle out quicker but not as quickly as it would if discharge were 760 instead of 1060.  High water this time of year is generally a very good thing but with the “in-river” work across from Stinson it might not be a good thing.  The specific location where the work is being done will determine how much turbidity will be added and how long it will remain suspended.  Some of the work might not be noticeable but some of it likely will.  Bonneville steelhead numbers have jumped recently so something positive is happening.   Fall chinook numbers are lower than usual but not nearly as low as steelhead numbers. Fishing is likely to get better but we’ll have to wait and see.  Took this pic at the town landing around 10:30 am.  I see more color than yesterday but not very much more, still very fishable.  My timing was wrong on this pic based on sun location and light levels but it’s all I have.water82317

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