Update: 8/29/2017

Well past time for an update, sorry.  A few things are happening that might be useful to know about.  To my view the water took a bit of dive today, I think the “in-river” work was happening today though one could argue yesterday’s heat could be part or all of it.  I don’t know.  To my eye the water is browner this evening than I’ve seen recently.  According to my thermo we hit 100F yesterday and 97F today so glacial melt likely increased a bit.  Temps on Mt. Adams have been high too.  Here in the lower valley we’re expecting temps to drop into the 80’s the next couple days and correspondingly Mt Adams temps are predicted to be dropping some.  I’d guess we’ll see the best water Thurs. & Friday but that guess doesn’t include “in-river” work.  We are expecting to hit 100F again this weekend so the Labor Day celebration might provide water similar to today.  Here’s the pic taken around 4pm at the usual spot.water82917

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