Update: 8/30/17

The Lower river turned to mud at some point.  Took this pic at the usual spot around 10:30 this morning.  Don’t know if it’s from in river work, heat or rain.  Heard there was some rain here the night before last.  If rain happened on Mt. Adams that could have caused it.  I don’t think the heat was enough to cause it.  I don’t know what caused it.

Also understand the “in-river” work is not over so the schedule suggesting completion by the 25th is incorrect.  Now the completion date is scheduled to be Sept 5th.  For Labor Day weekend I’m told if natural water conditions are decent there will be NO in-river work over the weekend but if natural water conditions are bad they will be working.  That’s the most current info I have.  Here’s a pic of the water in the lower river this morning.


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